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Formas y Líneas was born from the idea of bringing carpentry and natural wood designs to homes, offering warmth, design and comfort in all its environments. In Formas y Líneas, all our products have been tested before taking them to the execution. In the design process, we always fit the optimum quality of materials with functionality and design, cubing every inch of surface to get the best performance.


In our selection process, we use prefabricated materials for less visible places that demand more resistance. On the other hand, we merge natural compact for the visible places, that is obtained directly from mother nature, whether they are noble woods, vegetation or natural stone. This offers the greatest naturalness that we believe will be an attribute sought by the client, despite the passage of time.


Always collaborating with the environment, Formas y Líneas supports the controlled logging of trees and uses acrylic materials in their finishes. In our facilities, we have high precision machinery in 600 m2 of covered surface and another 1000 of exterior surface. Upon receiving the goods, all materials are subjected to a quality control before entering the factory.                                      


We count on high-precision machinery for cutting or edging the furniture, a machining center and factory paint booth, which allows the product to be perfectly reworked and packed. Always for the whole, we offer in our projects a certified brand guarantee of 10 years per project carried out. This seal of guarantee is the Formas y Líneas seal.

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